Play Box with Burning River

Burning River (Ohio) is attending 3 national box tournaments this winter.  The events are Jan 12/13 (Indiana), Feb 2/3 (Rochester) and Feb 9/10 (Michigan)

I believe this would be a great opportunity to start working towards sending national LaxFed teams to these type of tournaments.

As such, I am looking for LaxFed team players that would have an interest in playing in any of the 3 tournaments.  Information on the tournaments is on our website (

Even getting 3 players per tournament would allow those players / teams to see what a nat’l box team would look like and experience the level of competition we see at these events.

Please let me know if you have players that are interested.  I would ask that each coach work within the following guidelines when recommending players.

The tournaments are true Canadian Box – if your players do not have experience with playing Canadian Box please do not recommend them.

These are national tournament with competition from across the US and Canada – please send only players who will succeed under those conditions.

If you have players who are interested please have them contact woody Calleri – 216.373.5684  or [email protected]

Coach Calleri
Burning River Lacrosse

Information on Burning River

We have won 35 National Tournaments including our first Nat’l Box tournament last year.  We have sent over 200 players to college (6 national champions, 4 pro players) – More info at


  • We will provide a team jersey
  • All players play.  We divide shifts up and everyone gets in until the last 5 minutes.
  • We have had great success with guest players in the past including Parker Hylton (MD) who played with us last year and made the all star team at 2 tournament. We do not treat you differently.
  • We use a basic box offense and defense.  Nothing crazy.  Players usually get up to speed in a game or 2.