Why Consider Joining The LAXFed?

The Lacrosse Federation (LAXFed) will do for your club what your club cannot do alone. The LAXFed serves as a network between club programs, college coaches, and high school recruits. There is no DIRECT monetary fee to become a LAXFed member and access the benefits; the only requirement is that your HS, recruit-aged teams are partnered with ConnectLAX.

ConnectLAX is an independent LAXFed partner whose integrated video solution for club teams creates a media ecosystem for the LAXFed to source player and team-identifiable content for promo on social media (including on media partners LaxAllStars  andTopLaxRecruits).  This includes event game film, team video libraries and recruit highlight videos.  In essence, your clubs’ media footprint is amplified through LAXFed media partners ConnectLAX, LaxAllStars and TopLaxRecruits as your players and teams create media content via LAXFed events that integrate ConnectLAX game film, highlight videos and more.

Beyond the incredible media benefits, LAXFed member’s work together to share best practices, field LAXFed regional and national teams, co-operate events and receive amazing saving on group orders.

Current Event Exprience

Manual curation and posting of video content by club directors and players with limited social media reach. Or simply tagging of content that promotes the event organizers and not the teams that participate.

LaxFed Event Experience

Automatic social media exposure for your players and teams by on-site recruiting coverage and video, driven by game film, highlight videos and video libraries. Including syndication on national recruiting platforms such as ConnectLAX, TopLaxRecruits and LaxAllStars.

Beyond being a part of the video ecosystem via ConnectLAX, LAXFed member teams receive:

  • Exposure from LAXFed partnerships with college coaches that ensure their attendance
  • Discounts on LAXFed tournament team game film
  • LAXFed tournament and showcase registration discounts                                                          

Additionally, member clubs have the option to participate in group purchase decisions “AAA benefits:”

  • Group order savings on jerseys, equipment and more
  • Ability to co-operate events in the member’s region
  • Shared best practices and insights from LAXFed members
  • LAXFed Regional and National Team exposure for member club’s players 
  • And more!
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