Brotherhood Lacrosse

Brotherhood Lacrosse was created in 2007 to provide the players in New Jersey and New York with a top-notch lacrosse education.  We offer camps, clinics, private instruction and an elite travel program which has built a reputation as one of the best teaching programs around.  Brotherhood Lacrosse players are provided opportunities to learn the game while advancing their positional skills; players compete against national competition and get exposure to college coaches.  Our programs allow our players to take an active role in their community by providing opportunities to give back through our team community service projects.  Brotherhood Lacrosse provides its players with an elite lacrosse education, allowing them to develop both as individuals and as a team unit so that they can reach their full potential both as players and as members of society.  While we have experienced great success and won countless championships, our biggest success is watching our players reach their full potential and achieve their dreams on the lacrosse field. Captains.

Burning River

Burning River Lacrosse was founded in 2005 to provide lacrosse opportunities at all levels (introduction to the game, skills training, national competition and college exposure) to Northern Ohio’s lacrosse community.  The company also hosts charity events such as the Fisher House Showcase ($365,000 for home away from homes for military families) and Crosse Out Cancer ($120,000 for Breast Cancer Research) to raise money and awareness for those in need and to teach participants about their responsibility to reach out and make a difference in the lives of others. During the past 3 years our players have achieved the following: • 2 pro players, • 2 NCAA Champions, • 7 Ohio Position Player Of The Year, • 3 MVP State Championship Game,• 50 All Ohio, • 19 of 30 All Americans, • 8 Acad All Americans, • 3 N. Ohio Player of the Year, • 146 All Region, and • 73 Captains.

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Catamount Lacrosse

The Catamount Lacrosse program was started in 1990, and has been operating out of Indoor Action Sports in Greenfield MA since 1994. Currently, Catamount Lacrosse serves youth, middle school, high school, and adults, both boys & girls, men & women. ALL players are welcome to participate in the program, as it is tiered to work with all levels of skills through clinics and travel teams for all ages
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Evergreen Lacrosse

The Evergreen Lacrosse Club (ELC) is the premiere developmental lacrosse club in Northern Virginia that offers year-round training services and opportunities for boys and girls of all ages, positions and skill levels since its inception in 2014.

The ELC operates out of the Evergreen Sportsplex, a 44-acre facility that includes a 24,000 sq ft pavilion, four all-weather/fully-lit turf fields, and numerous other amenities. The pavilion houses Evergreen Lacrosse offices, a pro shop, concessions, free Wi-Fi and our Wellness Center that provides onsite consultation for our student-athletes and their families.

Our mission at the Evergreen Lacrosse Club is to use the sport of lacrosse to develop our members to be the best student-athletes they can be while providing them with the skills necessary to contribute and lead in today’s society

Frog Lacrosse

Frog Lacrosse was established in 2014 and has quickly grown into one of the top programs in the State of Minnesota. The Frog travel program is made up of the best players in the south metro of the Minneapolis and has attracted talented players from as far as Rogers, MN. Our Elite program is focused on acquiring players who strive to be college lacrosse players and are looking for a club to assist them in their specific goals. With our program going to an all-year model, we have more time to develop a formidable team culture and creating a strong bond between our players and families


GP Select Lacrosse

Established in 2005, GP Select (Grosse Pointe, MI) is Michigan’s oldest currently operating summer travel program. We are Nationally known for producing great players with staff that includes Professional and Collegiate players and/or coaches with NCAA experience. Our mission is to excel skills and teach the tempo, game strategies and techniques that are used at the highest level. For over a decade GP Select has built a solid recruiting network of college coaches. GP Select has help advance 50 players to NCAA, and 50 to NAIA or MCLA programs. Our stats include 1000 club games played, 50 separate tournaments attended, 20+ finalists, 7 time tournament championships. Motto: “honor the game”

Md Wolfpack Lacrosse

MD Wolfpack Lacrosse Club was created to provide a structured environment in which youth and high school lacrosse players learn to develop their lacrosse skills. Both individual and team concepts are cultivated and fostered while honoring the game of lacrosse with good sportsmanship and the enjoyment from participation. The primary focus of the coaching staff is teaching lacrosse fundamentals, player development and building a “positive sports culture” that will have a lasting impact. We value the experience of every boy with an emphasis upon fun, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Maryland Xtreme Lacrosse

The MDX High School Program is a proud and dedicated community of coaches, players, alumni and families working together to build highly competitive high school club teams. MDX’s High School program guides and assists players to define and reach their lacrosse goals at the high school and college levels. MDX attracts players from all over the Montgomery County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Frederick County, Carroll County, and PG County areas who are looking for a high level, competitive skills-based lacrosse experience. MDX Lacrosse is committed to providing players with the best coaching, facilities, exposure for recruiting, and competition available in the greater DC/Baltimore metropolitan area.

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Miners Lacrosse

Carolina Miners’ Lacrosse combines the tradition of its Upstate New York roots with the enthusiasm and commitment to sports of the Carolinas. The nickname of ‘Miners’ is particularly appropriate to our culture, as hard work, perspective, and a ‘lunch pail’ mentality are central to our playing style.  More important than the product on the field, Miners Lacrosse is predicated on making better men and women out of the boys and girls wearing our jersey. Our coaching staff is comprised of collegiate and professional players with coaching experience at all levels, and all share the common thread of a commitment to education. Miners are student-athletes : in that order, non-negotiable.

Silverbacks Lacrosse Club

The Delaware Silverbacks Lacrosse Program was started in 2008. Silverbacks is a travel lacrosse aspect of the Delaware Lacrosse Academy that serves DE, MD, PA and NJ high school players. Silverbacks is a talent and ability based college level training program that attends national recruiting tournaments. Silverbacks/Delaware Lacrosse Academy offers camps, clinics leagues for youth boys through post-collegiate and high school girls travel teams (Delaware TRIBE). Director/Head Coach Christian Zwickert has over 14 years D1, D2 and D3 coaching experience.
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South Jersey Shamrocks

South Jeresy Shamrocks Lacrosse was founded in 2007. Our mission is to provide our players with exceptional lacrosse instruction in a competitive environment while as remaining economical and value driven for the parents as possible.

In 20187-18, we will offer teams for girls in the classes 2019-2025 and boys 2018-2028.

Why we started the Shamrocks:

We started the Shamrocks to offer an addittional outlet for lacrosse players that have the desire to take thier game to a new level. We decided the best way to accomplish this was to develop tourament teams that are accessible to all players that have the desire to become better lacrosse players.

                 Triad elite Lacrosse

Triad Elite Lacrosse offers the top student athletes in the Triad region of North Carolina the opportunity to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. Our goal is to expose our members to the best competition in the nation’s best recruiting tournaments and camps. We are committed to building highly skilled student-athletes in pursuit of taking their game to the next level. Our members will learn progressive lacrosse techniques while continuing to develop the basic fundamentals of the game as well as learning needed life skills such as leadership, teamwork and good sportsmanship

Team Buffalo Lacrosse

Lacrosse and the Buffalo-Niagara region both have rich histories and bright futures. The Buffalo Lacrosse Academy (BLA) was created in an effort to support both the sport and the city we love. BLA Mission: To create passion for lacrosse and Western New York. BLA Vission: To bring together people from all corners of WNY to form life-long friendships while focusing on the player outcomes of character, college and career.vBLA Teaching Creed: To let the lacrosse capture the mind and the teaching capture the heart.
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