Lax Federation

A Home Grown Lacrosse Organization That Promotes Individual Talent and Teams with Partnerships, Events, and Showcases.

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Why Consider Joining Lax Fed?

The Lacrosse Federation (LAXFed) will do for your club what your club cannot do alone. The LAXFed will serve as a network between club programs, college coaches, and college recruits. There is no DIRECT LAXFed Monetary membership requirement; the only requirement is that your HS, recruit-aged teams are partnered with ConnectLAX. This allows the LAXFed to create a media ecosystem that is 1) powered by ConnectLAX 2) focused on video and 3) includes syndicate on to media partners. This system is driven by event game film, team video libraries and recruit highlight videos, which sources player and team identifiable content for promo on social media.

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Our Events

Why Attend Laxfed Events?

With the saturation of events, it has become increasingly difficult for both club coaches along with players and parents to decide which events to attend. The LAXFed focuses on value to simplify this decision, which is providing the most exposure for a player or team for the best price. LAXFed events deliver value on the field and off the field with media coverage, recruiting write-ups and player promo through our unique partnership with ConnectLAX. Learn more about LAXFed tournaments and how LAXFed showcases will bring your game to EVERY college coach.

Tournaments Showcases

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